What we do

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Concept development

Everyone has a story to tell... how will you tell yours?


We tailor our team to your project needs and work with cutting edge technologies to develop your story in a way that provokes and excites. 

Creative Direction

Why just tell when you can make people feel?


From concept to product, we work with you to establish project goals and expectations, offering creative support in all aspects of execution.

Video Production

The most memorable moments of life are not told, but experienced.


Our professional approach to production ensures all the necessary tools to bring your idea to life. We make sure the quality of production is not compromised, handling all aspects of the process with efficiency and expertise.

360 VR

The future is here... take a look around, ALL the way around.


iCreative has the best professionals in their fields working with pioneer VR & 360 technology. Design memorable marketing experiences that connect with your audience like never before offering full 360 video integration for your production.

Post Production

iCreative offers a wide range of post production services in house and with collaborating partner companies.


Services include : Editing - Visual effects - Stitching - Color correction - Sound Design & Editing - Retouching - Graphics